There’s A River Of Happiness……….Always


There’s A River Of Happiness……….Always

A long time ago in my Kundalini yoga days of yore, Gurumukh, the esoteric and wonderful turban headed instructor told the class about the river of happiness. She said that it is always flowing but you are simply choosing to drink from it or not. There’s A River Of Happiness……….Always really? All this time I thought I was stuck in my own head, without an option of feeling bad or good.

My body reacted to the information in that way it does when the truth is ringing loud and clear…’s a sort of vibration, an energy that is a huge indicator for me that I am being blessed with the exact data I need at the right time.

What a beautiful way to make me understand that I needed to wake up and start being the awareness to my thought system and my very old and tired story about me.

I used to get melancholy at dusk, even as a child, when the sun went down I would feel sad. My story was that I was stuck with this feeling forever….I don’t know how or why it came along, but it did so…..I owned it.

When I started awakening out of the fog of my mental chatter, which was like a run-away train, There became an opening to receive information that I formerly would not even recognize as significant.

I told my kids all the time when they were unhappy about this river, and they weren’t really ready for the information as they would just stare blankly at me.

So one day when my Zen self had disappeared under a wet blanket of frustrating circumstances, I was in the car ranting about everything from peoples driving to my busy schedule. I was driving my boys to school, and my oldest son Max said, “Mom, remember the river?  

I smiled, I let it go, and drank from the river…..drank in the happiness thats constantly available….I guess they are listening.

I can’t remember a time that dusk bothers me anymore…….. and I actually celebrate it….its beautiful….Gretta

“Evening In Paris”


My latest paintings from photos I took a few years back in Paris…..

ironically, the few I chose to paint so far were all taken at dusk.




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  1. Amazing post. Great wisdom! You inspired me. Teach us your special way of living in happiness!


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