The Tranquil Garden Series

Eight Guided Meditations

8 minutes each

The Tranquil Garden Series:  Eight, 8 Minute Guided Meditations

The Tranquil Garden Series of eight, eight minute guided meditations will take you on your own personal journey to beautiful, serene places. You will experience complete inner peace and joy as you embark on adventures to create your highest you. Get in touch with that inner peaceful light that’s inside us all, quiet your mind on a journey to that light within. Find answers to what’s been troubling you for way too long. This is a journey to the depths of your soul, the real you, your higher self.


We meditate to go beneath the constant chatter of the ego and realize the being that is truly who you are. The you that was here before you manifested the body your in. The you that will still be here when that body no longer exists.

I created these eight meditations to help you align with peace, with love and joy. Just eight minutes a day, preferably first thing in the morning, will put you in a higher energy field. It will give you more patience and compassion, it will lift you up to take on the day, balance your emotions, and assist you in achieving inner peace.

If your a beginner it’s not easy to meditate on your own, the beautifully spoken words will walk you through to get you to a relaxed state.

Each meditation has a unique theme and will set your intention to heal and balance different aspects of your life.





A tranquil journey to a peaceful and restful nights sleep. Clear your mind of all your worries as you fall  into your deepest slumber.



Each meditation has a unique theme and will set your intention to heal and balance different aspects of your life.  The series was written by Michele Catapano, the creator of Gretta Moss Lifestyles Blog.  Each mediation was masterfully composed by the very talented Elan Palushko and narrated by the beautiful voice of actress Serena Scott Thomas


Opening to Receive:

Travel to your own personal and  sacred garden where you lose your “ego-mind.” Drink in all the gifts the Universe is waiting for you to claim.



A personal and joyful adventure to a positive and peaceful state. Opening to have acceptance for all you have called in to your life.


Healthy Relationships with Money:

Travel to a wonderful field of abundance where all the gifts and prosperity are yours to claim. Through this meditation you will be creating a healthy ebb and flow with money.


Being Grounded:

Let yourself become one with the Earth. Feel connected to the Universe on a personal journey to your centered higher self.


Falling Asleep:

A tranquil journey to a peaceful and restful nights sleep. Clear your mind of all your worries as you fall  into your deepest slumber.

Self Esteem:

On a quiet sunny beach, you will release all negativity to the rolling tide and become free of your self limiting thoughts.


Meeting With Your Higher Self:

You will be guided up a mountain by your spirit guides to meet with your higher self.


Aligning With Your Higher Self:

A message from your spirit guides links you to your higher self and creates a positive shift in your consciousness.


This really got me to a great meditative state!  I listed to one meditation a day before I get out of bed and it is the best 8 minutes of my day.

—Jasmin Espada

I have tried many times to meditate on my own and this series guided me within minutes what use to take much longer!

—Katherine Kingsley

About the Author:

Michele Catapano, the writer for Gretta Moss. I started writing to reach people who are interested in living a purposeful and joyful life. A life filled with peace and harmony, love and compassion. A life of love not fear. The past ten years have been a whirlwind of change and growth and I constantly find myself sharing the stories that got me there.I love to give back to those who are ready for the information that I received at the perfect time in my life. I figure since there are no coincidences, the right information will show up at the perfect time in your life too. I would love to assist in the evolution of human consciousness and planetary awareness. We are growing spiritually, and it brings me joy to reach even a single soul with words of encouragement. The truth is, a better life is available to everyone, and I want to be a part of that “push up the mountain,” so to speak.I have had the dreaded feelings of helplessness and hopelessness which led me to “reading to reach”, to look inside for the truth and the answers. Nothing ever gets accomplished on your path to true happiness by looking outside. That to make positive changes in your life you have to be open to the information and trust in the process. I love to share what I have learned on my journey, and I definitely want to be part of the collective messengers spreading positive information in the world. I’m still learning everyday, still facing my own challenges, but I have learned how to still be happy through the process. A wise woman once told me about the river of happiness, that it is always flowing, we are just choosing to drink from it or not. That the Universe offers infinite joy and is always conspiring in our behalf. So I thank the authors, bloggers, writers, instructors, yoga teachers, light workers, philosophers, spiritual healers mediators and meditators. I honor anyone spreading the word of peace, love and joy in the world. What a beautiful time to be here as we move to a higher consciousness and an awakening of spirituality on the Earth plane. Eternal peace and love, Gretta

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