Ten Ways To Be Mindful To Find Complete Happiness


Ten Ways To Be Mindful To Find Complete Happiness

The key to creating a truly authentic happy life comes from being aware of the thoughts that are creating your current life situation. Ten Ways To Be Mindful To Find Complete Happiness is about being aware. Aware of how you think, aware of your feelings and emotions, aware of the life your creating.

1- Be mindful of what you think-

Monitor your thoughts, don’t allow negative thoughts to sabotage any aspect of your thinking. change it up and switch those to positive thoughts as soon as you become aware of them.

2- Be mindful of your feelings-

Do not block off how you feel about things, be aware of and check in with how your feeling throughout your day. Address when something makes you awkward or uncomfortable. What can you do to feel better about whats bothering you?

3- Be mindful of the company you keep-

Who you hang out with is paramount in how you feel about yourself. Be around positive folks that lift you up. Pass on the ones that don’t.

4- Be mindful of the sleep you get-

Sleep is a very important element of a happy productive life, plan out times you have to wake up, get 8 hours a night. If you are tired, I assure you you cannot be productive.

5- Be mindful of what you eat-

Do not take one bite of food without feeling gratitude that you can nourish yourself with a healthy meal. Choose organic, non-GMO food and relish in the knowledge that you are treating your body like the temple that it is.

6- Be mindful of what you say-

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”

7- Be mindful about your time-

How you spend your time is going to have a major affect on how your life is unfolding.

8- Be mindful of being grateful-

Gratitude will give you tenfold of what you already have. Thank the universe for everything small to large.

9- Be mindful of your practice-

Part of your balance will come from meditation and yoga, journaling and being open to change. Make these things part of your everyday practice.

10- Be mindful of your compassion-

Love yourself even with the flaws. Love everyone and understand that all of us are on our own journey, you don’t know everyone’s struggles.


“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”




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