Ten Easy Peasy Ways To Create A Stress Free Life

FullSizeRender-101Ten Easy Peasy Ways To Create A Stress Free Life

Organize your everyday schedule by over simplifying and writing it all down…..Ten Easy Peasy Ways To Create A Stress Free Life is about prioritizing and then putting into action what will help you be calm and happy always.

1- Decide what’s not serving you and cut it out completely…

Quit smoking and drinking soda, stop unhealthy eating. Stop eating sugar and spending time thinking about what you want to do, get up and do it.

2- Get your finances organized.

Stress happens when bills are popping up all over the place and late fees are horrible. Create a filing system that is easy to handle. Figure out what your budgets are in all categories and stick to them.

3- Find a calming activity.

Meditate, do yoga, walk on the beach or in nature and give yourself the gift of time to chill…..Carve a little time out everyday for yourself.

4- Organize your time.

Schedule enough time to arrive to appointments on time or early….there’s way too much stress in rushing and overbooking your time.

5- Exercise.

Exercise helps you sleep better, calms you and makes you feel good from the endorphins it releases. It’s also really fun.

6- Be present.

Whatever you do, be there in that moment…..Do one thing at a time and do it well.

7- Feel Accomplished.

Give yourself the credit that you deserve on all of your accomplishments so far….. Stop and see where you were and where you have got thus far.

8- Have gratitude.

Thank the Universe for everything………..I mean everything!

9- Hang out with people who are drama free.

This is pretty self explanatory, lose the drama around you by spending time with drama free upbeat folks that make you feel light and happy.

10- Stop putting off things like bubble baths.

Thats right, you deserve it, that bath, that massage, mani and pedi……..and so on. Today is the day it stops getting pushed to the next day……..Gretta¬†



This is one of my latest works…been on a New York City Kick…


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