Take A Mindful Moment Before Eating……….


Take A Mindful Moment Before Eating……….

Lack of awareness can cause negative outcomes, emotional eating without pausing to consider what is the healthy choice, will lead you feeling bad and packing on the pounds. Take A Mindful Moment Before Eating………. to stop the negative habits when your brain signals that you are hungry.

First, pause and determine if you are really truly hungry. Sometimes you are actually feeling thirsty, or your in fact not hungry but craving something sweet or salty.

To reduce emotional eating that comes from lack of awareness and just mindlessly putting anything in front of you in your mouth, you have to develop a new system that promotes being more in control of what you eat.

Food cheers us up, fills us up and makes us feel temporarily happy, so it’s no wonder when something affects us negatively, we reach for chips, cookies ice cream and pizza………

To become a mindful eater, you must take that pause…that beat where you summon your more logical side and make that choice to eat clean. To choose a healthy meal or snack thats not full of empty calories with tons of sugar, GMO’s and processed ingredients.

You have to be pro-active and have healthy food choices on hand at all times. Have cut up fruit handy in the fridge easily available. Have hummus and pre cut peppers, nut-butters, avocados, gluten-free crackers and coconut-yogurt with low sugar.

Plan your meals ahead and pack a lunch to avoid the trap of just grabbing something unhealthy on the go. Carry homemade trail mix with a variety of nuts and dried fruit with you.

Keep a journal and write down everything you eat, that will really help the connection to being more mindful on everything you put in your mouth.

Dont stand up and eat at your kitchen island, you need to sit and consciously take a moment to be thankful for the food you are about to eat. Be happy that you are honoring your body with nutritious food. …….Gretta


Dill Pickle Roasted Chickpea Gyros

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