Sweet Lessons In Life To Learn From And Live By..


Sweet Lessons In Life To Learn From And Live by..

One of the big shifts in consciousness for me personally was when I read something that simply said Always Assume The Best About Everything……  Wow it was so simple that it seemed unreal it would actually work. I started the application immediately and yes it did work!!!!!

It made me recall an incident when I was young, and how I doubted myself and assumed that I couldn’t come away with a win. But I received a gift, a lesson that taught me a lot. Sweet Lessons In Life To Learn From And Live By..

I was in the 4th grade and one Friday evening my girlfriend Susan told me she was entering a cake baking contest that would be held at the school fair the following day. I was wanting to also be in this contest but had no knowledge about baking or what I would need to pull this off so last minute. My parents had plans so I found myself alone in the kitchen scrummaging around to come up with an entry for “said” contest.

Yup, I just wanted to be in it…. didn’t care what the cake looked like or tasted like.

I called Susan, from my red phone on my floral wallpapered kitchen wall, who reported her Mom Picked up a box of cake mix and some colorful sprinkles. Wow, that’s cool, I thought how lucky to have sprinkles. All I was coming up with was some bisquick flour, some pink food dye, and a ripe banana.

I followed some basic cake instructions from a spiraled cookbook and improvised the pink dye into the mix, I think I borrowed an egg from a neighbor, Yes I can remember getting up the nerve to go ask for the egg. I had no icing so I  covered the top of the cake with sliced bananas.

I put toothpicks in the cake and draped plastic wrap over them……and I went to bed pleased with myself that I came up with something to be a part of this bake off.

The next morning, Susan’s Mom scooped me up on the way to the school and I sat there in the backseat of their station wagon staring at her beautiful cake in a real cake holder with a see-through dome…. not to mention those glorious sprinkles.

My cake was plain looking and the plastic was clinging…..toothpicks caving in…hmmmm it’s fine I decided…. it was just fun to be a participant.

At some point I saw a few of the judges gathering around and tasting my cake, a cringeworthy moment as I imagined them laughing at this made from scratch no icing cake.

Well, My pink cake took 2nd place! Haha I was shocked, and so was Susan. 

I still to this day reflect on that stupid cake and how I searched for ingredients and thought I hadn’t a chance.  I imagined the shiny glass domes over those colorful sprinkles would certainly make mine look like a sad little excuse of a cake.

Whenever I think I can’t do something, or I’m not ready for greatness, I think about that  little  girl of nine years old who used her imagination, whatever resources she could come up with, some creative energy and ended up with a sweet surprise…

I say to myself, when I need encouragement…pink cake………….. Gretta


A painting I recently did of my son Brandon sleeping. Needless to say I said “pink cake” often in my early years of painting. But it’s about challenging yourself…pushing through and believing that you deserve great things.




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