Sustainability And The Balance You Create….


Sustainability And The Balance You Create….

Living sustainably requires striking a balance in all aspects of your life….. Being in exchange with your environment, your relationships, career, with your possessions and with yourself. Sustainability And The Balance You Create…. is your conscience and equilibrium finding common ground….rounding out the everyday give and take of your life…..

I have heard it way too many times, “how can I, one person, make a difference?” The fact is you can make a great big difference. A wave rippling and influencing people all over the world. You are a voice, a factor in the bigger picture.

It starts with the recognition through self that you can make a difference, that the positive energy created by caring for the planet will spread out in a grand way.

Align with your highest self, with the highest power, with the Universe….move in the flow of giving back….things that we can do that are seriously so easy…..recycle, repurpose, reuse, stop over consuming….

What about responsibly getting rid of items like batteries, electronics and light bulbs? We cannot just throw these items in the trash, as they leak into the water table.

On a personal level, I will not buy anything but compostable garbage bags, as the garbage can rot and disintegrate into the ground. Yes they cost a little more, but what a small thing to do for this glorious planet.

Water bottles delivered to home and office are a huge offense and are as filthy as city water as the pollution from the air is in the water even if the water is from a mountain spring….. Plus you are adding to the plastic epidemic. Those plastic bottles will take 500 years to break down in a landfill, not to mention that it ends up in our oceans and is destroying marine life. Look into a water filter system such as Culligan and have it installed. It goes with you when you move and only needs a filter replacement one time per year. The money you save on the delivery of water will pay for the new system in no time.

These are just some ideas of how to give back, or should I say stop depleting Earth’s resources…..with each thing you do, ask yourself how this will impact the planet?

Align with your higher self and be good to this planet, the rewards will be ten fold as the good vibes of your consciousness revel in a positive flow…….Gretta



The lake in the evening……my new obsession is night walks.

The night air and exercise combined make me sleep like a baby….plus this is the view…


The photo above is my garden, I have been spending more time tending to it, being in nature is everything…

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