Spiritual Growth Comes As A Series Of Revelations


Spiritual Growth Comes As A Series Of Revelations

As we grow spiritually through awareness, and we allow ourselves to open up to other possibilities other than what we learned as children, a beautiful thing happens……We begin to have those ah-ha moments.

Those moments when the truth is ringing inside of you and…. if your paying attention to your emotional state, really indicate the growth you are receiving in that moment. Spiritual Growth Comes As A Series Of Revelations ………..

Revelations come with first losing your belief about something, feeling vulnerable and then waiting to receive the new data through your higher being. This is sometimes confusing as we wait for our new thoughts on a subject to sort of show up.

In essence you are setting up a new and improved system of thinking that will serve you better. You are now, if you allow yourself, operating from a higher wiser perspective.

Your perspective changes as you can see the bigger picture, you will have a greater understanding of how you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that the Universe is always helping you to be a better person.

You will have a better picture of the laws of the Universe and how self limiting thoughts were holding you back. You will also open up to receive the gift of self love….. You’ll gain more confidence and compassion for others. Revelations will come through quiet times when you meditate, or walk in nature or just driving in your car and lost in thought.

Revelations will come to you just by you being open to them, but be aware when the moments you are in are offering them.. don’t let them go unnoticed.

You will feel a sense of excitement as you start to receive what you are asking for and they start to come to you…..   Gretta







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