Six Steps To Help Manifest All You Desire In Life


Six Steps To Help Manifest All You Desire In Life

Manifesting comes easy for some, and for others not so much……it has nothing to do with deserving more or working hard for it, you see it starts with a mind set that you deserve it as much as the next person and then doing the work. Six Steps To Help Manifest All You Desire In Life ……… a simple reminder of what you already know. So here goes;

1- Believing in the process;

First, really believe that this works…. even if you don’t just pretend that it does, imagine it absolutely is working for you. The whole idea is thought first, so start out with a positive thought system. I mean how can that hurt? Smile as you think to yourself wow this is going to be amazing when I receive that…… or achieve that……….. Imagine toasting with loved ones about the result you’ve called in.

2- Set Your Intention;

Be specific and imagine the tiniest of details of exactly what you are having. Write it down, dream big! The Universe actually wants to give you all you deserve.

3- Be in each moment;

Get up every morning ready to work on this. Meditate, opening your heart to the happiness and life you deserve. Journal to see how your thoughts are creating your life. Release to the Universe the negative self limiting thoughts that hold you back.

4- Raise your vibration;

Everything is energy…..what makes you vibrate the highest? create, sing, dance, give, paint…….be the highest version of yourself!

5- Trust the Universe is always acting in your behalf;

Because it really is…… Get out of your own way and allow the gifts to flow into your life. You are loved, you are safe.

6- Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

You can’t have enough of it…..while you go through your day look around at all the abundance in our world, seek the positive good energy out, cut out the news. Thank the Universe for the sky and the stars and for the beauty on the planet. For your health, wealth and family. Give thanks for the manifestation process that you just activated and wait for the bountiful results. Gretta



My sister Regina decided to create a backyard oasis and eat dinner all summer outside under the stars…..   great job, we have all enjoyed what she manifested.


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