The Root And Meaning Of The Spoken Word……..


The Root And Meaning Of The Spoken Word……..

When w speak, sometimes what we are saying has nothing to do with whats coming out of our mouths. Sometimes we simply just talk in circles on a tangent to relay a message to others about who we are, our opinions on subjects, our pain and suffering, our mounting frustration needing agreement in some way.

The Root And Meaning Of The Spoken Word…….. is about using your awareness to stop this cycle…….to just say your truth and not waste time and energy trying to prove to others that your way of thinking is the right way.

I know a woman who constantly does this, she will call and go on and on about how her young kids needed her for this or that, and how she saved the day and ran back to the school to get the homework they forgot, or how she feeds them only organic food and blah blah blah……….she does this often and I can’t help but think if she’s got something to prove, like why not just cut to the chase and call and say….”Do you know what a great Mom I am?” No disrespect, I think she’s a great Mom. But what if people could just cut to the chase and say it?

Does the ego-mind take over and we stop being truthful even to ourselves?

This sort of behavior usually is accompanied with a whole lot of passive aggressive activity as you are witnessing someone who is using words to manipulate our feelings. If you really listen to people you can see that the root of what they are saying really doesn’t match with what they are speaking.

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. 

At the first gate, ask yourself, 

‘Is it true?’

At the second ask,

‘Is it necessary?’

At The third gate ask

‘Is it kind?”

~Sufi saying

Arguments are usually riddled with misguided words that are really trying to get the person listening to see it their way…say what you feel inside without the riddles of words that leave us guessing…

speak your truth, stop wasting energy on words, say only the truth and the other words are not necessary.  Gretta


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