Raising Your Vibrations With Affirmations…


Raising Your Vibrations With Affirmations…

Guide your energy in a positive flowing way. Push out negativity by replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. Raising Your Vibrations With Affirmations… means making a habit of being aware of what your feeling in each moment and changing that energy when it is not serving you.

You are the creator of your reality, so create the most feel good, happy, up-beat reality you can imagine!

Of course, visualizing a happy future is a great way to manifest your desires, journaling what is coming your way is another, but affirmations repeated throughout your day will keep reminding you how these blessings are on their way….how much you deserve them, and how the universe is conspiring to bring all you are asking for and much more.

Here are some great affirmations to call in the gifts of the universe. 

1- Today I am filled with all the energy and joy needed to manifest all that I desire in my life.

2- Today I am open to receive all the things I know I deserve.

3- Negative energy does not affect me, since my positive energy is superior.

4- Today I walk in the flow of my higher self and the universe.

5- My spirit guides lead me to all I need to know and do.

6- My relationships are loving and respectful.

7- I possess all I need to be prosperous.

8- Creativity flows freely from me into whatever I am working on.

9- My self limited thoughts have no power over me anymore.

10- I am blessed with love all around me.

11- The universe is constantly conspiring for my happiness.

12- I envision my future and know how successful I’ll be.

13- My path is always open as I push away obstacles.

14- I am at peace with my past.

15- I know that happiness is a choice, and I always choose it.

Be well versed in this kind of language about who you are and how your living your life…..read these affirmations and just start to repeat them in your mind. Say them out loud while your driving, and watch the transformation happen, your positive energy will not only affect you but will flow over onto who you’re around. It truly is just like strengthening a muscle. Make this a habit and watch the magic unfold….Gretta


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