The Perils And Predicaments Of People Pleasing


The Perils And Predicaments Of People Pleasing


We are all different, we are all not perfect, but, we who suffer from the people pleasing game are really suffering. The Perils And Predicaments Of People Pleasing will make your life very non-fulfilled, lifeless, off balance and unproductive.

Stop waiting for everyone in your life to be happy before you yourself can be happy. Don’t try to do all you can for your grown children, friends and parents then go to bed exhausted thinking one day I’ll do what makes me happy………

That day will never come, you are caught up in the life you created where your relationships have been out of exchange. And although you designed this, you can’t figure out how to stop it.

The train just keeps going and going, until you decide that this behavior is serving nobody. The truth is you must let things get uncomfortable to make the change. You have to push through the awkwardness to a higher ground that will be the new standard for all of these relationships.

In time, putting your needs first will become second nature. You will stop seeking approval and attention from everyone else and only seek it from yourself.

We all want to be liked, we all want to not be criticized, but at what cost? When pleasing and accommodating the needs and wants of others all day long becomes your pattern, you have sacrificed your own happiness.

Define your limits…….draw the lines in the sand……..finally create those boundaries that will change your reality.

Stop seeking the approval of others and only worry about how you are feeling about yourself…..

Every minute of every day is yours to choose how you want to spend your time. Take care of yourself….theres nothing wrong with that, and if everyone also put themselves first, well……….we’d all be quite happy.  Gretta


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