We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself……..




We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself……..

I was struggling with the idea of air travel for the past four years now, as my last flight home from the Big Apple was a bit bumpy.. I had not flown since then. Anyway, I decided to step up and make some travel plans. ¬†We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself…….. yes this is so true, so very true.

Thats exactly what I am afraid of…… my own fear I feel when flying. I am not afraid of take off or landing, not afraid of much more then me stuck there feeling afriad if it starts to be turbulant.

I breathed through it, and although it was a very smooth flight, I was all worked up and full of anxiety.

I decided to live with the fear but still travel. I decided to live in a broader spectrum and stop allowing my self-limiting thoughts to stop me from visiting my beloved New York, my birthplace.

So I landed at JFK and was instantly full of sense memories…..the feel of the city, the energy of the people, the smell of amazing food. We were on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset…it was stunning!

I ran around the city the next day with my cousin Jill, we had a fantastic lunch, I drank in the cityscapes and marveled at the architecture, I saw Manhattan like it was the first time ever.

All these great moments would have never been if I would have not pushed through my struggles about flying.

I feel accomplished, I feel like I grew a little, like I want to challenge myself to other things I have been avoiding.

Nice to get away for a few days and see old friends and family. And nice to put aside my fears and face them straight on.

So tomorrow I fly home………..not worried…….Gretta



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