Meditation….It’s Sunday, Stop And Slow Down


Meditation….It’s Sunday, Stop And Slow Down

Sunday’s are a blessing after the hectic running we do all week long….. embrace this day with all the things you dream of doing ….even if thats doing nothing…but whatever you do start with Meditation…. It’s Sunday, Stop And Slow Down …..Take twenty minutes to reconnect to let your mind get a break from the mental chatter.

Believe me you need it, your stream of thoughts is running you and just to remove yourself from it for a few minutes a day will bring blessings you will benefit from greatly.

You will only be away from the mental chatter for twenty minutes…..your schedule of the day or what your making for dinner and who you need to call will resume at the end of that.

Can you imagine how attached you are to your own thoughts that the thought of being away from it causes you to feel uncomfortable?

Something I do when I meditate is to say to myself shhhhh like I’m talking to someone else who is trying to talk to me. Let all those thoughts that keep coming up while your working on having “no mind” float off in a giant bubble for the universe to handle while your thinking about nothing!

Create that space in your day to truly connect with the universe…. to allow yourself the freedom from your mental position on whatever on your mind…..and to give gratitude for all the blessings that you have.

After the meditation, take a minute to set your intention for the day. This is really powerful as it will be fresh on your mind and absolutely have a positive effect on how you are creating your beautiful blessed Sunday.

Start this practice and see that when you do a beautiful result will follow… you start to make it a daily practice, I promise you will miss it when you skip a day…….Gretta

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  1. Greta, I look forward to your posts every Sunday. I always find something relevant there and appreciate the food for thought that you provide.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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