Making Things Happen With Energy, A Great Practice


Making Things Happen With Energy, A Great Practice

Its true, Making Things Happen With Energy, A Great Practice ………..I’ve been practicing this theory out for the past several months and Im here to tell you it really works!

I can’t say when things started to change, but there is a few key elements to blame for making my life more productive…..

It definitely started when I decided to really get up early and treat my art career like a business. Why not? My youngest son Brandon started driving and I no longer had to drive him to school. That was a big factor as it freed up my mornings to allow my practice of meditation to be way more regular. I don’t miss a day now, the results are powerful as it keeps me way more focused and grounded.

Quieting my mind allows me to center and then start the day setting intentions and having gratitude. What a way to begin a brand new day!

I write down a schedule for the day, with the intention to be in my studio for 4 to 6 hours. I am working on breaking the habit of habitually running out to lunch with whomever calls me, and dedicating my time to my art.

I used to get so caught up in minutia, always thinking I would get painting time in, but I realize that bad habits are hard to break and without the discipline, without the focus and the energy needed to get what you want, you will always be just chasing those results.

The fact is that the new habits are creating the life I have wanted for a long time, I was distracted and unfocused. I wouldn’t commit to the idea of having a schedule…..most of us want something and yet are not putting the energy into how to get it.

We have the tools, we just have to reinvent ourselves into that reality…..and by the way the fact that we can do that…How fun is that?   Gretta


“Paris Playground” 

I’ve been working on a series of Paris scenes. I took the photos ten years ago and now I’m obsessed with painting them………there so playful and colorful.


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