Life Presents Itself Perfectly In Every Moment


Life Presents Itself Perfectly In Every Moment

Being present means connecting to the most simplest of life’s little details. A moment that would otherwise flutter by unnoticed and meaningless resonates to your core that your life is precious, your every breath a blessing…….Life Presents Itself Perfectly In Every Moment………..Life is simple and sweet……a soft breeze, a hummingbirds buzz, the sun on your cheek.

From the first sip of coffee in the morning, to the feel of the cool smooth sheets when you climb into bed at night, life is perfect, unfolding for you in every moment, allowing you to have the experience you need, the good with the bad, the simple and the dramatic……all adding up to the sum of your life.

Slow down and let the process play out. Resistance only causes pain and anxiety….

Challenges present themselves all the time, in fact, it seems if you handle one thing something else will show up.

The truth is that you are handling your life and have done so thus far…..

But the point is, is that you can’t only be present for the drama, be present for the small things….the seemingly insignificant things that actually add up to an even greater part of the big picture.

Finding balance in your life starts when you begin making time to smell the flowers…. making the time to connect to the mindless egoless meditative state.

Recognize the blessings that are sent your way, and as life gets hard to handle, honor each moment anyway.

In each new moment let go of the past, quit worrying about the future and dwell in the only thing you really have which is the present moment. Gretta


My new obsession is coconut whipped cream, vegan and oh so yummy!

I use it on my acid free, organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee by Grounds For Change.

Also love Newman’s own oreo’s, wheat free and dairy free.

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