Let Each Moment Die To The Past Moment……….


Let Each Moment Die To The Past Moment……….

Theres just never going to be a day where everything turns out perfect, never a time that something doesn’t  pop up to test us, challenge our ability to rise above it. What matters is that you understand that its just a moment. It will pass into the next moment, and the next and so on.

Let Each Moment Die To The Past Moment………. Awaken in each moment using it as a new way to see, to perceive, to experience whats happening now.

Only from the present moment can you experience life….. Life is not experienced in the future or from the past…..

Take in a deep breath, that is the life force that is right now, the gift of life and the only thing we have.

When you glorify what was, or imagine what might be, you are not being in this present moment. Don’t bring a string of history to your present moment, nor bring the obsession of the better future. You are never living in this moment if this is your habit.

Let it all go as you allow each new moment to unfold to experience your life. Hate, anger and resentment should not be something you show up with in the new moment your having right now. Paradoxically, impatience, boredom and worry, should also be left behind.

This moment right now holds all the love for others, self love, joy, peace and freedom of worries and stress that you need.

Life is good, stop looking back, stop searching ahead………its here right NOW…..Gretta




You know who lives in the present moment? Scout, why you ask? Well she’s a dog, and they just love that…..But as you can see from above photos, she practices yoga and meditation like a boss!

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