Learning To Live With And Accept What Is…….


Learning To Live With And Accept What Is…….

I’m seriously ready to delete all social media….. I can’t handle the protesting, the hate and negative energy for a minute more. Learning To Live With And Accept What Is……. Is necessary for this nation to move forward.

There are no mistakes, in this world, we are creating what is…. Obviously we will not all align with the same ideals on how things should be run, but lets stand united to strive for the best we can have.

We are experiencing so much fear, fear of change, the unknown…the what if’s. Can we just have faith that the universe hasn’t taken us this far to drop us off into darkness and despair?

Can it be possible that positive change might come from an unlikely candidate? Might we accept that this outcome is going to be ok?

We need not search for new landscapes, but to use new eyes to truly see that we are exactly where we should be. Sometimes it’s better to let go of the attachment to your belief system, to acknowledge a brand new perspective. An open mind and an open heart can heal the hurt your feeling.

After all what do we have to lose to get lost in solidarity? The answer, of course, is nothing.

Nobody wants to feel sad and disappointed, let it all go and release it to the universe. It serves nobody to hold that resentment inside. Support what is in this very moment and you will be aligning with the present moment. Resistance to what is goes against the very grain of life in the present moment. Have faith that we are all one, all in this thing called life together, and that it begins with you to be that change needed to bring more positive energy to the planet.   Gretta


The water level of our pool overflowed and started heading towards the slider doors. It’s been raining so much here in Cali….. but, it’s much needed so after we got a pump to drain the pool down, I accepted what was!!! 

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