The Incredibly Easy Path To Inner Peace…….


The Incredibly Easy Path To Inner Peace……

As human beings the most important thing we have to value is peace…….To look deeply within ourselves and know that all the answers are there. The Incredibly Easy Path To Inner Peace…… is about realizing through self awareness how owning your own inner peace is always available to you with a few small changes in your thinking.

Sometimes the message is clouded or misunderstood, but perception of what you deserve or what you can have is often lost in translation between the ego and reality. Inner peace is everyones birthright… We just assume we already have it, we haven’t yet explored that theres more, more connection to your inner you, more connection to what makes you truly happy, more connection to the universe.

All you really have to do is treat each moment as important as the next moment. Carve out time to be alone, to take walks, to notice the stunning beauty of nature. When is the last time you laid on the grass and pondered the formation of the clouds?

I actually did that this morning while I waited for my sister to do our walk at the lake. I was happy to wait patiently and feel the Earth, smell the grass and hear the birds sing……

It did bring me inner peace that stayed with me for the rest of the day.



I took this photo while lying in the grass…….it was so therapeutic to lay there and feel the sun on my face.

meditation is the quickest way to reclaim your soul and connect with all there is… quiet the mind and mental chatter is to truly align with inner peace.



“Every action that isĀ conscious, and that aims at bringing about a result, arises from motivation. My religion is very simple: my key motivation is love. My religion is kindness.

~Dalai Lama

The painting above is an original by me…. Underwood farms entrance.

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