Healing From The Past…..A Journey To Freedom


Healing From The Past…..A Journey To Freedom

Our story in which we create, has a lot of drama. We love the story of our life, we hold onto this story, we sadly always believe our story. But guess what……it is your interpretation of your story. It was interpreted from you as a child, by you when you were a rebellious teen. Its the story that through all your hardships of life, all of your let-downs….your trials and tribulations was somehow written and then carved in stone in your mind.

Healing From The Past…..A Journey To Freedom is about raising inner awareness to shine a light on this interpretation that you’ve been living by. And because you yourself wrote it, it’s so easy to believe.

Rewrite your story, literally put pen to paper and start to create a better version of the things that have left you feeling less than. Write a better version of the time you were frightened as a kid, write about how you were safe and your parents were there to protect you.

Create a great positive reason about that time you felt rejected at the high school dance. Or that time you felt slighted from a group of friends. Have an interesting twist on why that person you fell for never called, and with a wild imagination discuss why you didn’t get that job…….

As you write realize that the new interpretation your describing could have easily been your take on it while it was happening.

It’s easy to go with the negative flow of things if your living in fear or insecure about yourself. As we grow we can handle things  in more adult ways, the problem is the old stories are not brought up to date to match the level of growth you’ve experienced.

Bring your old stories to a new light…..allow the stories to be processed through the adult you…..rework them, redo them and rewrite them until you can release them as self limiting thoughts that hold you back.

To heal is to look within and start doing inventory on any negative tales of the past. Let them go….they no longer serve you.  Gretta




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