Finally Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone…..


Finally Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone…..

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

~Neale Donald Walsch

Being comfortable is a positive feeling, a place we strive for on a daily basis. Being comfortable is also negative, making us feel “stuck” in the comfort we created. Finally Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone….. and stepping up and out of your bubble of safety terrifies most of us.

When we advance in any way, we tend to recognize the achievement and immediately start to worry about how to keep it. We hold on white knuckled to the success and don’t want to rock the boat to further advancement.

Complacency becomes the comfort zone and we tend to look no further. Pushing through, so to speak, to higher levels in all areas of your life requires some work, time and good positive energy.

Your life’s work is not about being comfortable…..and that doesn’t mean your constantly working, but that your using your talents and time in the best way.

If your not comfortable trying new things, meeting new people, taking risks, dreaming big, imagining the greatest outcomes, expanding your mind, getting rid of self limiting thoughts, than I suggest you get uncomfortable.

Successful people think nothing about being uncomfortable, feeling awkward is second nature to people who have the end result of what they want in constant focus.

We are comfortable in our relationships even when they are in need of some changes. At our jobs when we can be working smarter and we are usually not very satisfied with the type of work we do.

It starts with a thought…..a simple picture in your mind of the life you want to live. Don’t cut your self short, show up for yourself and push through to realize you and only you can create the definition of a life that is satisfying and fulfilled.   Gretta



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