Everything In Your Life Is A Holy Experience…


Everything In Your Life Is A Holy Experience…

Life can get pretty mundane, we go about our daily routines forgetting that our very existence is a blessing……. Everything In Your Life Is A Holy Experience.. Everything from your relationships to your job, the good, the bad and everything in between is the experience you are supposed to be having….. and all in the most perfect time.

Treat each encounter, each tiny little insignificant thing that comes your way as a holy blessing gifted from the Universe.

If you look at your life this way, you will never miss the opportunities that are sent to you. Your attitude will always be positive, how can you be negative when you realize that miracles and blessings are finding your high energy level.

Positive thinking will open you to receive things that you never dreamed could be yours.

In traffic, instead of getting frustrated imagine that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be…….that the Universe has conspired in your behalf and has your back completely.

Know that you are always in the right place in the right moment…….

When you are creating something, from a dinner party to a major event like a wedding or milestone birthday, or setting up travel plans or job interview, bless the event in advance.

Don’t think about it negatively…. only with loving light surrounding everything about it….

You’ll see a huge difference in what you are calling in, what you are manifesting into your life…..Blessings, Gretta


“Santa Barbara Afternoon”

 I Have been manifesting more dynamic paintings with stronger design…to work with less caution and vibrant colors…… 

This is definitely proof that what you call in is on its way…..that in the right time the Universe will absolutely deliver…….

Hammer the same nail, don’t give up, its on its way!

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