Embracing Vulnerability Rewards You Greatly


Embracing Vulnerability Rewards You Greatly

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

~Brené Brown

We all have been in those situations where our ego’s take over and we defend ourselves…..we joke or get upset or show anger, anything but just be. Embracing Vulnerability Rewards You Greatly ….. because being vulnerable is what gets you through to higher levels of successful relationships, self love, personal goals, finding our life’s purpose and much more.

Most of us feel that we are not enough, that it’s not ok to just show up and be you. Our self limiting thoughts have us believe we have to prove that we are more…… that we need to improve somehow before we present ourselves to the world.

We put up a wall and stand guard so nobody will find out that we have flaws.

You need to get past that, trust yourself  so that you can connect with others and form relationships that really work.

To be vulnerable is about being honest with ourselves, being in the moment and listening to that inner voice that will guide us to the highest path. Being open is showing up and letting people see the real true you. Speaking your truth always……….Gretta



I have driven by this guy in the red tractor for years…I always say I should paint that, I have tried to take the photo so may times and finally the other morning I got it……needless to say, the painting above was finally manifested.


We discovered these guys at a local farmhouse…..we will be going back next week to hang in nature and paint some farm life.

IMG_1634I am thrilled to watch these yellow finch all over my yard. I got feeders and filled them with Nyger, the squirrel’s don’t like it so stay away, the finch are everywhere!

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