Be Who You Are Always….Authentic And True To You


Be Who You Are Always…. Authentic And True To You

One of the most important rules to live happily by is to have the integrity of knowing and therefore being exactly who you are.

Be Who You Are Always….Authentic And True To You ……life is better when you have the awareness of what you are and what your not. What you like and what you will no longer put up with.

What your calling in and what you are not having……


Vegan Crab-cake sliders


These were so yummy……I used the Gardein brand of these crab-cakes which come in the freezer section of the grocery store. 

serves 4-6


2 bags of Gardein brand crabless cakes

1 dozen slider sized buns

a bunch of fresh cilantro, chopped

1/4 cup of vegan Thousand Island dressing,

1- Using a grill, heat the crabless cakes till heated through.

2- Cut open slider sized buns and place butter lettuce and vegan Thousand Island dressing on one side. You can make your own dressing with vegan mayo and organic ketchup… I use Follow Your Heart Brand from Whole Foods.

3- Add the crabless cakes and cilantro on top. serve warm with salad 


art corner;



This week I had the pleasure of painting Amina, great day in my studio painting from life… Im sticking to my schedule of painting from life wether that be plain-air, still lifes or from a model…..New years resolution…..check!

The still life above I did today…..feeling like Im in control of my time… it feels great to stand by my word and be who I am……

Feeling blessed and very grateful.

Have the best Sunday ever….

Remember to check in with yourself before giving up time, energy, power or plans. So how do you want this day to look? Decide and then go for it!

Peace, love and blessings, Gretta…..

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