Allow The People In Your Life To Be Who They Are..


Allow The People In Your Life To Be Who They Are..

Relationships are frustrating at times, we all can attest to that…. We sometimes want things to be different about our friends and loved ones and we live with the resentment that can bring on with each encounter we see them. Allow The People In Your Life To Be Who They Are.. Don’t wait until they change to enjoy them, you may not experience that in this lifetime and then miss out on experiencing the love they had to share with you in this time.

Always keeping in mind that everyone of us is on their own personal  journey and sometimes a pretty rough one….. kindness to everyone is the highest path…..assuming the best about everyone. Enjoy them today….love them for what they are flaws and all, and be in this moment with whoever you share that moment in time with…………Gretta


“Halloween Hat” 11×14

I was pretty happy with the end result of this painting, my latest work, and the theme was appropriate for the season…..I sometimes go back through old photos and suddenly the ones that jump out were that which I hardly noticed before. I love the quirkiness of the hat and the solemn look on Tatti’s face…..



Sweet Potato Mac And Cheese ….recipe found at One Green Planet…I made this and it was so yummy!

I don’t know who the author is of this writing, but loved it and wanted to share…

“She said sorry too often.

She apologized for apologizing too much.

She said sorry like it was a greeting.

She apologized for everything that goes wrong,

because she labelled herself as a disaster.

She was sorry for not being good enough.

because no one ever told her she was good enough.

No one ever told her that she was something more than

the mess inside her head and the tsunami 

inside her heart.

So all she learned was to apologize for

every single breath she took.”

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