The Absolute Outstanding Power Of So What…..


The Absolute Outstanding Power Of So What…..

My Mom has this really great way she handles some situations with ease and grace. I have always admired the way she wouldn’t play into the drama that would rock the world of most.

The Absolute Outstanding Power Of So What….. is about letting go of the worries tied in to others opinions.

Once when my sister Susan was in first grade, her teacher asked my Mom to show up at playtime so her and my Mom could observe Susan through the classroom window. Susan played alone, not bothering with any of the other kids, “you see, said the teacher, I worry about her socially, she doesn’t bother with anyone, and is often in the corner all by herself.” My Mom looked at the teacher a little puzzled and said “so what!” She left the teacher standing there while she walked off confident that the teacher was making too much of Susan’s lack of socializing.

One Christmas when my son Max was very young, he told his younger cousin that his parents bought him the presents and not Santa…. My sister, his Mom, was so upset as was I, since this was all happening on Christmas Eve. My Mom Asked whats going on and when we explained she once again defused the drama with a …….¬†Soooo what? and added how her five children all did similar stuff when we were that age.

Once again our perception was making the problem way bigger than it needed to be.

I sometimes have to take a deep breath and count to ten…..then remember to apply the “so what” theory… I forget that it’s an ¬†option. Try it……’s pretty amazing!

The painting above is the work of Scott Burdick, his work is so inspiring.

My favorite vegan restaurant, Crossroads offers the impossible burger and truffle infused fries…….the best lunch I have ever had!




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